When you think of the applications you need to run a business, does advanced threat protection cross your mind? If not, it probably should.

Long gone are the days when the most common cyber threat was a computer virus. In today’s digital world, every computer is vulnerable to an innumerable amount of threats; to name a few: malware, data-stealing spyware, and phishing threats are all trying to infiltrate your computer at any time. Even you Mac users are at risk for an online breach!

2015 was a record year for cybercrime. There were more malware, malicious websites and mobile apps, and other security threats than in any previous year. Additionally, computer users were 25% more likely to encounter a suspicious threat than in the previous year (source). Nobody and no business is immune to the risks of the web. According to data, 50% of small business have suffered a cyber attack in the last 12 months.

Cybercrime statistics are alarming. Advanced threat protection, the next generation of antivirus protection, is a must for every PC user. It is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses who use computers to store valuable business information. One of the most difficult parts of keeping your computer safe is finding the best option.

At this point, you’re probably overwhelmed. You’re saying to yourself: there’s no possible way to keep my computer safe from a cyber attack. There are too many treats and too many confusing endpoint protection options to choose from! Antivirus jargon is a headache, to say the least, and there is just no easy way to get around it.

CUE is here to help. There are ways to keep your computer and your data safe, but you need to be educated on exactly what you need. To properly protect your systems and data you need features like on-demand malware scans, real-time protection, website ratings in search engines, malicious URL blocking, and phishing scams. Bonus points for the product that offers fast scans while taking up minimal space on your computer (see: Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection).

Luckily, the experts at PC Mag have put together an extensive comparison of the best antivirus protection options available. If you don’t believe us, be sure to check out their article on the importance of implementing endpoint protection on all of your machines.

If you’re ready to implement a business security solution, head over to CUE to purchase endpoint protection and secure your information today.