What are the different types of malware and how can I protect my small business?

Increasingly, malware is a threat, and small businesses have to take into consideration their cybersecurity like never before. We are all dependent on our phones and computer to access critical life details. There are two ways to combat malware. The first is staying informed and the second is having the proper antivirus software, of which there are very many reputable options for small business cybersecurity.

What is Malware?

Malware refers to different kinds of malicious software, design with harmful intent. The use of malware is currently on the rise as a way to make money through forced advertising, stealing information, extorting money or spreading spam.

The intended purpose determines the name for types of Malware.

  • Viruses: work by attaching themselves to clean files and spread uncontrollably to affect other clean files
  • Trojans: like the horse from the story, this malware disguised as legitimate software and acts discretely to create windows into your device for other hacks, spying, or even sending expensive texts from your phone!
  • Spyware: as the name suggests is designed to spy on you! It collects data on your keystrokes, tracks your online activity, takes control of your computer and slows down your device
  • Ransomware: locks your computer down and threatens to erase everything unless you pay a ransom
  • Adware: not necessarily malicious, but certainly annoying! It can create endless pop-ups, tracks your activity to create more targeted ads. Besides this, it slows down your device and eats your data.

Signs that your device is infected include: 

  • Working very slowly
  • Pop-ups
  • Computer programs/ files appearing that you didn’t download
  • Running out of hard drive space
  • Computer hard drive noisy and always working
  • Signs or messages that start automatically

How do I protect myself?

As a general rule, the best way to protect yourself is not to open any suspicious attachments or download anything unknown off the internet. But these programs and the people who operate them are clever and can figure out ways to fool you.

That is why the second best way to protect yourself is by having quality antivirus software that is always working for you. CUE is a curated marketplace of software and services design specifically for small businesses; we have top-rated antivirus and backup software to protect your business.

Bitdefender Gravity Zone:

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