For some new business owners, the idea of creating a website feels daunting and given the number of things on your to-do list, establishing an online presence may fall to the bottom of your list. Maybe you are scared off by the potential time or financial investment you’d need to make, or hesitant about your technical knowledge. Yet today there are so many cost-effective and intuitive ways of creating beautiful websites. Don’t hesitate to make your website today, and here is why:

Your website is working full-time to get you more customers. An estimated 73% of households in the US have a computer with an internet connection. Any time someone is searching for your product or service they have the potential to land on your site. A webpage has national or even international reach, therefore you aren’t limited to just customers in your area. By having a web page you increase your capacity to be found, at any time by people all over the world.

Additionally, a website is now a fundamental part of creating trust in your company. Customers expect you to have a website and business email or they become suspicious about the legitimacy of your business. Being able to direct customers to your website for more information provides an exciting public face for your company and a way to sell yourself however you want. This inexpensive marketing tool allows you to showcase your services, products, benefits and shout about all the great stuff you do in a blog or with pictures.

Finally, your website is flexible like your business. Once it is up you can always update and change your content. There is no need to get it right the first time. Your website can evolve as your business grows. CUE is the perfect place to get started, check out our domain name and website building products