Your business is your pride and joy, and it’s hard to imagine anyone internally or externally — would want to do it harm. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are out there and all businesses, big and small, need to step up the fight against cybercrime. Getting a virus on your device is frustrating to say the least, and can be hazardous to the health of your computer.

Whether your company operates from a single laptop or have a fully-fledged network, the best business antivirus software will ensure that your confidential data is always protected against all threats. Antivirus software is the “policeman” at the gate of a computer device. It protects the computer from incoming threats and seeks out, destroys, and warns of possible threats to the system.

There are several features that you should look for in an antivirus solution before implementing it across your system, such as:

  • Ability to keep your system safe from spam, spyware, computer viruses, worms, password and data theft, and other malware threats.
  • Maximize your defense against new and unknown threats by stopping the threats proactively.
  • Enable users to share files with confidence by stopping threats from accessing your system via removable devices.
  • Scan and clean email and Internet traffic, including SSL-encrypted content, so your emails are always safe.
  • Perform system diagnostics and recovery.

Antivirus has become so ubiquitous, in fact, many people assume all antivirus software offers a similar level of protection and features, and they don’t actually pay much attention to the product they’re using. Webroot is a bit different from the traditional small business antivirus by utilizing a cloud-based protection service.

Benefits of Webroot SecureAnywhere Business EndPoint Protection

  • Protect your identity and user credentials, such as passwords and account numbers.
  • Protects your personal information against threats such as keystroke logging, screen grabbing, session hijacking, malicious software, and more when you are on secure (https) websites.
  • Warns you if you try to enter a phishing or harmful website.
  • Performs health checks, alerts you to gaps in your PC’s security, and tells you how to fix them.
  • Extremely light program — 750KB.
  • Is easy to use and takes just minutes to download.

Selecting the antivirus for your business does not need to be a nightmare. You will not have to rely on wild guesses any longer. Make well-informed decisions while selecting your antivirus. You can now buy your antivirus software from any part of the world. All that you need to do is to make a few clicks. We feature only the best antivirus software products; you do not need to settle for unreliable antivirus solutions any longer!