Small businesses live and die on sales, but no matter how great of a salesperson you are timing is the most significant x-factor for purchasing.

People are marketed to constantly, so giving the power back to the customer is key.

One way to do that is through email marketing software like MailChimp.

Rarely are customers ready to buy on your timeline. Instead, a more effective strategy is to stay on their radar by sending consistent messaging about your product/service.

When sending a monthly newsletter about new products, videos and testimonials you are top of mind for your valued customers. Crafting a fresh newsletter monthly is challenging at first, but much more efficient than sending individual emails to prospects.

Email open rates have continued to stay high despite newer technology based on the subject line alone.

Make your customers feel valued by offering them exclusive information and people will look forward to receiving your updates.

For most small businesses time is the most important currency, therefore automating your marketing efforts makes fiscal sense. Give customers a reason to subscribe to your list by giving away something of value for free, such as a downloadable report, video link or coupon. Sales is a numbers game and the more people on your list, the more conversions will happen.

When I first started my business over 10 years ago blogging was a chore. As time went on instead of forcing people to visit my site for the latest information, I found it more effective to send the updates to their inbox.

Visuals in the form of images and videos are what engages audiences now. Choosing the right template that displays your brand personality makes it more enjoyable for the reader to digest. Don’t feel pressure to manufacture something sensational every single newsletter. What matters is consistency, both in content and frequency of delivery.

Humans are creatures of habit that enjoy routines. Think of Mailchimp as a way to stay in touch with prospects and educate them. That way when they are ready to buy you become the best option in front of them.

About the Author: Scott Asai is a serial entrepreneur who develops Millennials and helps students with SAT tips. To hear more of his thoughts on educating teens visit his site here.

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