People spend more time at work than any other activity in their lives, except for sleeping. And studies show that recognition correlates with employee satisfaction.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and while it is great to do something a one-off meal or drinks, why not do something more long-term?

A study by Fit Small Biz shows that small businesses are missing out on the advantages that software provides.

“Small businesses are still not taking full advantage of software to simplify and speed up day to day operations.”

Here are some tips on how you as a business owner can bring real value to your employee’s work lives. Happy employees are more productive employees!

Make getting paid even better

All pay stubs are equal, but some are more equal than others. Although it isn’t exactly what George Orwell said, it is certainly true with Gusto, where getting paid is more fun than just receiving a paycheck. Each payday you receive an email announcing ‘Horray, you got paid’ with a celebratory emoji and a fun financial fact. But it isn’t just about better marketing. Gusto’s paystub also breaks down critical information, like deductions and gross pay, in a colorful infographic.

Plus, 4/5 of Gusto customers have fewer payroll glitches — your employees will thank you for it.

‘Thank You’ notes can be even sweeter

Saying ‘thank you’ never goes unnoticed. Hand-writing a note to your team members is an excellent way to recognize the specific ways in which they contribute to the company. But what about a modern twist? Sugarwish allows you to send an e-card with 80 sweet or savory treats for the recipients to choose.

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Sugarwish has custom cards for all employee occasions, such as new hires, promotions, or life events. So you can use them year-round to make employees feel appreciated.

Improve communication and scheduling

Are you still using a spreadsheet to organize shifts? Or maybe your scheduling software belongs with the dinosaurs. There is a better way! Easy-to-use employee scheduling software not only saves you time when building out a schedule but also improve your employee’s lives.

Employees receive an easy-to-view schedule where they can see their work week, swap shifts, or request changes through the manager. Scheduling software like Humanity also allows employees to communicate in a way that is convenient for them, like email or SMS. Time and attendance is also replaced with a web-based clock to encourage more accurate time-keeping and better attendance.

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Why not make it easier for your employees to show up for work, while also organizing their other commitments.

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