CUE spoke with a local business to understand their mission in the community, and what makes them successful.

Name: Kyle Fittje

Business: ONE Boulder Fitness Center

Four Passions: Family, Friends, Video Games, Friendly Discussions on Politics

“It is not just about the physical aspect and the workout, if I can put a smile on that person’s face, then that is what makes my day.”

CUE: Thank you for taking time to speak with me. Can you start off by telling me about ONE Boulder and your role there?

Fittje: ONE Boulder is a mom and pop business, and it has been open for twenty-five years in downtown Boulder. Due to this convenient placement, we have had a ringside seat to watch a young, smart culture of tech companies popping up on every corner. During my time here, fitness trends have changed too and morphed into more conscientious, smarter training techniques. The one thing that hasn’t change is our owner’s mission to bring better fitness to Boulder.

I have been working here for about seven years. I started out working the front desk, opening five times a week at 4:30 am for about one year. Then I was promoted to member services which I did for three years, and then Accounts Manager, and now General Manager.

CUE: What do you like best about working as a manager for a small fitness gym like ONE Boulder?

Fittje: Being able to have a positive influence on somebody’s day, and their lives, is one of the coolest things we get to do. It is not just about the physical aspect and the workout, if I can put a smile on that person’s face, then that is what makes my day. Also, for a small business like ours, investment in the community is very important. If people stop going to a chain business, that business has other locations — but for us, this is our only location.

CUE: How has software helped solve an issue for ONE Boulder?

Fittje: Our previous fitness software was very rudimentary, it was desktop-based and didn’t have the functionality of the solution we use now; it also did not integrate into our website while our current fitness software [MindBody] does. This website integration means people can view our class schedule and register for classes online. The previous solution we used did not have this advanced online scheduling functionality. Trainers use MindBody to schedule their sessions with their clients, and this feature makes it a lot easier for management to track trainers’ incomes and keep an eye on how full their schedules are. The trainers can do the scheduling themselves, which makes it really convenient for them to just pencil in a client on-the-spot after a session or after meeting with a client.

CUE: What insights do you want to share with people from managing a fitness center that is so local?

One of the things I discovered from working here is how much more difficult it is to be a small business. Big businesses have more money and stability, like for example with advertising we have to be precise and discerning in how we spend our advertising budget. But I have a great team, the Membership & Marketing Director, and the Head Trainer & Communications Director and I work together to come up with a strategy. We still answer to the owners, but they trust us to do the best we can. Working with the kind of people I do, I am for lack of a better word, blessed and privileged. My team and the members of the gym are what makes me want to come back at the end of the day. That’s really important, in my opinion: to find people who make your workplace great.