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How to Prep Your Small Business for 2018 Tax Law Changes

Overview of Preparing for 2018 Tax Law Change There are a few ways in which you want to make sure you’ve prepared for the first year of implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), also known as the 2018 Tax Law Change. You want to do at least the following as a small business, …

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4 Ways to Get Ready for Your Accountant Right Now

Balance Sheet First, review your Balance Sheet. On the Assets side, start with the bank accounts — each account should be reconciled with the bank statement. If you have old transactions on bank reconciliations that have not been reconciled, these should be voided or deleted. If you send invoices to your clients, your Accounts Receivable …

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Know Your Worth: Determine How Much to Pay Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

All of your life, you’ve probably worked and received a paycheck from someone, else until now: now you’re the boss of your own business. You’re the alpha dog, the head of the pack, and you now have people report to you (or maybe it’s just you!). But, wait — it’s the end of the month, …

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