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Start Up Advice from Santa

No one ever thinks about Santa as an experienced business owner, but he’s been running a successful enterprise for centuries. So before the holiday crunch, I sat down with Santa over a cup of hot chocolate and asked for his small business start-up advice. I also asked for a red Tesla. I’ll see if Santa …

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5 Signs Your Small Business is Growing Too Fast

  I know, business growth sounds like a good thing. And it is. However, growing a small business requires planning, and I’ve seen businesses grow too fast. This uncontrolled growth can lead to quickly going out of business. You could burn through cash, exhaust your resources, not to meet customer demand, make risky hiring decisions, …

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How To Tell When You Have a Good Business Idea: Why I Started CUE

Kevin O’Hara is a serial entrepreneur and successful executive with decades of experience leading and innovating. He most recently founded CUE. If you have a business idea, there are a tremendous amount of resources that tell you how to build a business model, think about working capital, marketing, sales, operations, etc. But I haven’t seen …

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