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Fun Ways to Build Up Your Work Relationships: 15 Minute Benders

Stress is up and employee engagement is down. But research shows that creating positive connections in your office is important for your mental wellbeing and it can also boost productivity. So rather than having your nose to the grindstone, a ‘coffee machine chat’ (not water-cooler any more people, it’s not the 80’s), could actually be …

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Why slacking off is good for your productivity: 8 hacks to have fun at work

Are you giving it your all every day? You may think you are, but working really hard until you feel burned out is actually counterproductive. The truth is, your day would be more productive by trying to implement a few of these fun or unexpected productivity hacks. As a small business ourselves, CUE knows that …

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Let’s talk digital — appointment scheduling in the 21st century

In this digital world, consumers tend to rely on doing many things via the Internet or mobile. Managing the phones, the appointment books, and sending out timely follow up and appointment reminder notifications can be a burden when business is bustling and phones seem to be ringing off the hook. At times even the possibility …

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