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How to Simplify your Business with the CUE Dashboard

Running a business can be incredibly overwhelming. From tracking your sales and expenses to managing marketing campaigns, it’s a wonder you remember to get dressed in the morning. Having cloud software solutions to help manage your business can save time and money. But without the right tools, managing the software can be a job all …

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Women-Owned Businesses & Financing Opportunities

Women-owned businesses are big news in today’s business world. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, close to 12 million businesses owned by women in the U.S. employ nearly 9 million people and generate more than $1.7 trillion in revenues (2017 figures). More than one thousand new women-owned businesses are launched every day. …

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The Impact of Technology on Business & Entrepreneurship

CUE Marketplace founder and investor, Kevin O’Hara (BS ’83, Trustee, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Congruex, LLC) recently sat on a panel hosted by his alma mater, Drexel University. The panel was facilitated by Donna De Carolis, Ph.D., founding Dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Silverman Family Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership. Other …

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Startups need top talent

5 Keys to Hiring Coding Boot Camp Grads

Hiring technical talent has always been one of my most difficult tasks as a startup CTO. Development talent is in short supply for all company sizes, and we’ll see an estimated 30% increase in the number of development positions by 2026. Salaries have increased 15% in the last five years with a 2017 median salary of just …

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How To Work From Home With Maximum Productivity

Working from home is a hot topic right now. What with the companies like IBM and Yahoo bringing their workers back into the office, those of us who have the flexibility to work from home, or consultants and gig economy workers whose home is their office. There are pros and cons to working from home. …

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Payroll Services for Your Small Business

Payroll is a significant time commitment for any small business owner, but part of that necessary admin that keeps the doors open. Not all small businesses are the same, and any quality payroll provider must be able to match your specific needs. While you may not be an expert in payroll, our six tips of …

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3 Traits Of A Successful Business

Arguably, running a business today is more challenging than in the past because, with ever-evolving technology, the stakes are always changing. There is also more free advice, and more opportunities for small business owners to find tools they need to run their business. Everything is just a quick Google search away, and so many more …

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