Did you know that Santa, Mrs. Claus, and his elves not only make and deliver toys but also consult with toy and cookie companies and sell handmade Christmas ornaments too? Santa has several toy shops in the North and South Pole as well as Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland.

It is important that Santa and Mrs. Claus get paid for their consulting, pay their Elves, reimburse their toy shops and file taxes at the end of the year! To stay on top of everything, Santa uses FreshBooks.

To make sure they get paid for their consulting, Santa and Mrs. Claus can create customizable, professional looking invoices for their clients, bearing the North Pole’s logo and trademark colors. They can even create recurring invoices. Sent and received invoices are kept in one place for each client, so Santa’s Accounting Elves can see all of a client’s payment activity in one place. Additionally, FreshBooks helps the Accounting Elves see when a client has a late payment and lets them send reminders and apply late fees.

As Santa consults and has workshops all over the world, FreshBooks lets him create multi-language invoices with multi-currency billing. For accurate time tracking, Santa’s team can simply start the time-clock in FreshBooks when they begin working, stop it when they finish, and then apply the total time to the specific client and project they completed. Taxes, like sales tax, are automatically calculated and can be seen on Santa’s FreshBooks dashboard!

Finally, for tax time Santa can use FreshBooks to track his receipts and categorize his expenses as to expedite the tax filing process which used to take a long time! Now, Santa can focus on what is important: making every child’s day on Christmas a special one.

Does your business need accounting software?

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