As members of the Small Business Community, we are confronted with a ton of CRMs that at first glance, appear to be the same or function in the same way. We see the varying colors, brands, and organization of the dashboard, but what component causes the price to vary so drastically?

Insightly and Pipedrive are two CRMs that appear slightly different, however, their features list seems to consist of the same components. So what would cause for Insightly to be twice the cost of Pipedrive?

The Features

Both of these CRMs consist of the standard features that you would expect from this type of software. They have connected mobile applications for on the go access to your pipeline, tasks, and contact information. You can access both of these CRMs on the web, IOS, or Android phones. They also both feature a versatile sales pipeline dashboard that maps out your leads and deals throughout the process of closing. Finally, they each offer their own set of training videos that clearly lay out the setup and running of your new CRM software.

Insightly– CUE Score: 3.7/5

Insightly is rated to work for freelancers, small companies, medium companies, and enterprises. Making it highly versatile and consistent for when your business grows. It includes a strong email marketing tool that provides you with templates, tracking, and email lists, which can save you from the cost of an additional email marketing software. Insightly also has a notable fast search feature and custom filters option so that you can reorganize your sales pipeline temporarily. You can create tags/keywords to tie various leads or deals together which also connects to the filtering component. A unique component of Insightly is that it lets you check status on any shipments and deliveries you have sent out. This helps you to follow up with your customers and show them some stellar customer service! Finally, Insightly claims to have advanced reporting and real-time analytics on your pipelines. This can be confusing as you will see nearly every CRM offers this, and they usually provide the same information, so this should not be a deciding factor in purchasing a CRM for your company.

Pipedrive– CUE Score: 4.2/5

Pipedrive is recommended for Freelancer to mid-sized businesses and is well known for its simple yet dependable function within the customer relationship management space. Pipedrive has a strong notification platform that will keep you thinking of and interacting with your various customers and leads. Your interface is completely customizable, where the reflected pipeline is visually pleasing and will draw you to any deals that require attention or following up. You can also customize the sales stages, as all businesses have different flows of sales. This could include a received response from a lead, a timeline warning, or even just a reminder to touch base. Pipedrive is also dependable in checking for any duplicates or incomplete entries and highlights this so that you can correct them quickly. The data importing and exporting is praised for its simplicity, allowing you to migrate from different CRMs or spreadsheets quickly. Finally, Pipedrive offers a Goal setting and progress tracking system that will push you to pursue and close more deals.


So after review, the two products seem relatively similar, at least in function, and vary in just a few features that some companies (especially small businesses) don’t value or need. With low budgets and the difficulties of finding funding for small businesses, there is no reason to pay excess for anything if you don’t need it. Insightly starts at $29/month per user for just the standard account. Pipedrive offers their Silver account for $12.50/month per user with identical features. Having a per-user cost associated with your software can add up to shocking monthly payments, especially with Insightly compared to Pipedrive. Insightly does offer a Free plan for up to 2 users with very standard CRM functionality. However, with any growth in customers and employees, this plan will quickly become inferior, pushing you into the $29/user/month plan. It’s hard to argue that a CRM that marginally has more features should be worth more than twice the cost of a simple, functional, and customizable CRM like Pipedrive.


But in the end, it all comes down to how your sales pipeline works and whether you need certain features more than others. In regards to CRMs, here are a few tips that will help you maximize the results of your CRM, no matter which CRM you choose to use:

  • Take the time you need to fully set up your sales pipeline
  • Add all of your contacts and leads so that your new CRM is up to date with what your company has achieved so far
  • If your sales team already has a good sales process, pick a CRM that is more customizable and flexible to your current processes.
  • Utilize the CRM Comparison Sheet on CUE Marketplace to determine which CRM fits best with your company and current sales process.


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