Gifts have the power to create new connections, strengthen current relationships with your clients, and incentivize and motivate members of your team. You might find it easiest to defer to the clichéd standard like chocolates or alcohol — the sort of gift that does not make the recipient feel unique, and therefore falls flat in representing your business in the best possible way.

This was part of the inspiration behind the creation of Sugarwish. Sugarwish is a charming, candy gift-giving company started by Elisabeth Vezzani and Leslie Lyon, two Denver-based entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the lack of creative, yet simple, recipient-focused gift choices.

The process goes like this: you choose a gift box size along with your unique e-card design and message, which can be sent out either immediately or on a date of your choosing. Your recipient receives your e-card, which provides them with a link to Sugarwish’s clean and easy-to-navigate site. They get to select their favorite sweets from the abundant varieties of candies and nuts; their confectionaries get delivered to them via Priority Mail in an attractive blue box sealed with an inviting, scarlet ribbon. As a bonus, Sugarwish gives your recipient the option to send you a reciprocal thank-you card so you know how much they adored your gift.

With Sugarwish’s corporate option, you can create a page specifically for your business on their website: personalizing your gifts is effortless as you can upload your company’s information, logos, and branding and you can save e-card designs and messages. Their dashboard allows you to upload contact information for when you send out large orders and provides tracking information so you know exactly when your order gets delivered. Billing invoices are sent on a monthly basis, as to streamline the payment process and prevent clutter.

Our team here at CUE is excited to be teaming up with Sugarwish to share with you this refreshing take on gift-giving that is guaranteed to please everyone on your list, whether it be for your business or for your personal use. For all your other business needs, CUE offers industry-leading software and services to streamline your workflow so that you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Check out our ever-growing list of solutions here.