Digital marketing is often focused on the new trends, so it is no wonder that many are asking whether the days of email marketing are dead. Certainly, spammy, repetitive, and annoying emails have lost any of the meager effectiveness they once had. However, email as a medium has become, if anything, more valuable to the digital marketing strategy. 

News Flash: Email Marketing is Here to Stay

More than 1 billion people have a Gmail account at this point, in addition to the many other major email providers, making it a larger target market than any social media, with more than 6.3 billion accounts in total. What’s more, it’s more reliable and longer lasting, while allowing individuals to open more than half (51%) of their emails on their phones. Email has clearly survived the test of time, but email marketing is especially important because of its benefits to businesses.

Email Benefits for Your Small Business

MeasurabilityEmail management software allows marketing teams to use A/B testing on large segments of their audience to discover the effectiveness of a given message. With trackable open rates and clicks, it is possible to say definitively why a given lead chose to purchase from your company. Options like direct mail and print ads don’t have nearly the clear measurability that email marketing has.

Reach – Very little can compete with email marketing for reach; 58% of adults open their email as the first thing they do in the morning! Even with complaints of receiving too much email, most people concentrate their annoyance on general, spam-like email. A coordinated email campaign offers personalized messaging that relates to the customer’s needs, so these kinds of emails are much more likely to be opened.

Personalization – When potential leads opt-in to e-newsletters or offer their information during a transaction, it is possible to retain that information for personalization of emails later on. Even without a lot of hard work, filtering and segmentation can make sure that potential repeat customers receive notifications when similar or add-on products are on sale or can offer them a valuable coupon on a tailored item they would appreciate. 

Relationships – Especially in the realm of customer experience and support, automated email campaigns can make a customer feel loyal before they even engage with a live person. Getting a “thank you” email when a purchase is made, a check-in email when the shipment arrives, and a follow-up email when the item has most likely been used, all can lead a customer to feel like a bond has been made. When they actually get in touch with your customer support team, they are already convinced that your team is warm and supportive.

Consumer Trends and Email Marketing

Mobile Devices – As people have transitioned to mobile devices, new apps seem to come and go: social media applications, as well as messaging apps, are temporarily popular. However, nothing so far has replaced the value of email, and if anything, email applications have made checking one’s email easier and more ubiquitous than ever.

Cost – Once a marketing strategy is implemented, email marketing wins on cost every time. Direct mail requires a different investment depending on the amount of mail you want to send, while email marketing allows you to scale up your efforts as you increase your leads and widen your marketing funnel. What’s more, even poorly received email campaigns provide valuable analytics data to refine efforts in the future. 

Email Marketing Strategies

– Use your email marketing to increase your bond with existing customers via check-ins and thank-yous.

– Send well-timed coupons or discounts when shopping carts have been abandoned to regain customers who almost made a purchase. 

– Use automated email to help clients who have reached out to customer support to move these leads farther into the sales funnel. 

Email Marketing Recommended Solutions

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MailChimp: MailChimp has grown popular for many sizes of companies, and their interface makes it easy to send emails at optimized times and with great filters to your email list.

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ConstantContact: Constant Contact is a well-known platform that specializes in excellent open rates for their polished and professional emails.

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Campaigner: Campaigner’s A/B testing tools make it incredibly useful for finding your next most-effective email strategy, maximizing your already-strong email marketing ROI.

iContact: If your business sees great social media ROI as well, this platform allows you to leverage all excellent content campaigns across both highly segmented email lists and your Facebook, Twitter, and more!

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