Running a business can be incredibly overwhelming. From tracking your sales and expenses to managing marketing campaigns, it’s a wonder you remember to get dressed in the morning. Having cloud software solutions to help manage your business can save time and money. But without the right tools, managing the software can be a job all on its own.

Luckily, the CUE Business Dashboard can help you to keep your head (and your pants) on straight during the chaos. Bringing all of your applications and reports directly to your fingertips, it provides a fast and secure way to gain insight into your business, understand the impact of your marketing efforts, and manage your billing. Here are all the ways the CUE Business Dashboard can help you manage the business of business, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Quick access to all your products

Start your day with all of your software right at your fingertips. With secure, direct access to all of your platforms, the CUE Business Dashboard for small business is your launchpad. Most small businesses have around 5-7 software products that they use regularly. Maintaining all of these products can be a full-time job; One that doesn’t pay you. So stop working for free. With access to all of your software right at your fingertips, CUE Business Dashboard for small business is a secure quick launch that lets you hop in and out of software with one easy click.

Take Control of your billing

Nothing requires unnecessary time and energy quite like the need to update or change business information in multiple places. With the CUE Business Dashboard, when a credit card expires or is lost or stolen, you only need to do these updates once. Just change the information in the CUE billing tab, where payment information is stored securely for all of your products, and all of your software accounts are taken care of simultaneously.


Understand Your Marketing

Social media is a necessity for all businesses, and it assures you a presence to compete with others online. Plus, it’s fun to look at too. But without a complete view across all of your social and marketing channels, it’s just that. Fun to look at. The CUE Dashboard integrates with your Google Analytics, email marketing platforms and social accounts to provide you a deeper understanding of how you are reaching your customers. The CUE Business Dashboard homepage summarizes critical data, such as opens, clicks, and likes. The marketing tab offers a deep dive into this data and a quick launch directly to whatever marketing campaign you are running.


Grow with Products Selected Just for You

Over time, CUE’s intelligent Dashboard will learn the products that are right for the size and purpose of your business, and the platform will recommend products that are tailored to your needs and will support the growth of your business. Small businesses end up spending countless hours searching for the right resources to help with accounting, payroll, legal documents, recruiting, and more. The products CUE recommends are hand-picked by our CUE Product Experts based on strict criteria and a careful vetting process. So whether you need a CRM to expand your client base, or print marketing to spread the word about an upcoming event, CUE has got your back.


Test out the CUE Business Dashboard for yourself and see how it will enhance your business and give you more time to focus on the things you enjoy while

For more information about the free dashboard go here, trial any product, create an account and then begin customizing your Dashboard.

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