Businesses always need to find great new customers, but how do you handle this when you’re marketing on a budget? With the rise of internet technology, it is easier than ever to find the exact people who want to find you! Here are some great tactics for creating your cost-effective marketing campaign.

Marketing Your Business on a Budget

Step 1: Offer Great Content on a Blog or Your Web Pages

The people who already work at your business have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world. When your website has plenty of useful, interesting content, like explanations of your products or a thorough blog, it ranks higher in search engines.  Blog writing is an excellent strategy for marketing on a budget. This means that when someone searches for how to use a product like yours, they will immediately see a blog entry or a web page from your site. When they click through to your website, you have begun the process of connecting them to your brand. Adding blog pages regularly can also help people see your company as vibrant and growing, and these articles help you get a reputation as a business with a lot of expertise to share and a positive, customer-first attitude.

Step 2: Optimize Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s effort to collaborate with business owners: when people look up your business on Google, everyone benefits if the right website, location, hours, and other information pop up. If you make your Google business profile as attractive as possible, more people will click through to your website, consider coming into your brick-and-mortar location, or connect with your online ordering platform. The more information you add to your profile, the more often you’ll pop up in searches for your product or service rather than just when someone already knows your business name.  Using this free tool helps connect customers to your brand and supports marketing on a budget.

Step 3: Test the Waters on Social Media

Different businesses thrive on distinct social media platforms: if your product is photogenic, you might be able to find an audience on Instagram or Snapchat, while many businesses find that a Facebook page is a great way to build an audience. Try a few different social media platforms and notice how quickly your “followers” grow on each one. Then, focus in on the platforms that give you the best return. You can even pay to advertise or “boost” your posts when you want them to reach more people. Social media may not be necessary for every business, but they can be a great resource when you are marketing on a budget; and you don’t know until you try out this inexpensive and engaging method of reaching new potential customers.

Step 4: Create and Maintain an Email Newsletter

As you gain more and more interested clients, you may want to gather email addresses, either through a form on your website or through check-ins in your physical store and send out periodic updates. These emails keep your interested leads informed of promotions and new products or services, which makes them more likely to purchase.  Sometimes recipients will even share the newsletters with friends if you incorporate non-promotional content, like links to valuable blog content.  Using a newsletter as a positive reason to share an email address allows you to stay in contact long after a person visits your website casually, meaning that you get to continue to remind them about your products and services.  When you are marketing on a budget, emails can serve as a very effective tool!

Step 5: Use Marketing Software to Make Things Easier and More Effective

All of the above can be done slowly by yourself, but a host of valuable tools exist to make marketing easier and more automatic. For your email newsletter as well as other marketing functions, MailChimp and Constant Contact have great reputations. Duda can streamline making a great website, and Web Domain Name can get you started.

 We hope you have enjoyed our pro-tips about marketing on a budget!

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