Small to medium-sized businesses are growing at an astonishing rate in the US. Approximately 18,000 new businesses start up every day. With all these new companies there’s bound to be lots of competition in specific industry sectors. One downside to this extensive growth of new businesses: many small businesses shut down. Out of the 543,000 new businesses that start up every month, even more, close their doors. Now, this downfall could be based on many different situations, from lack of customers and finance management to failure to react to technology and marketplace change. However, there are solutions that can help to avoid these downfalls that can consume a newly created business.

Helping your small business grow s all about how you reach out to new customers. In this day and age, your company will not survive without a website, people tend to trust and are more willing to work with a company that has a web presence. Consumers also like to have the ability to easily contact the company they are doing business with. You could go with the cheap option and create a generic Gmail, Aol, or Hotmail email for your customers to contact you with, however that looks unprofessional. This is your first impression on a customer, make it a good one. To address this you can create a professional email which consists of @yourcompany’ In order to get more customers for your business, it is not only important for quality of product or service but also how it is presented to customers.

Financial management is a major part of any company, small or corporate. You need to make sure the amount of money coming into the company exceeds the amount going out. Keeping track of your money is a good way to start and there are plenty of financial software available, not to mention professionally trained people or online resources that can help you. To check out some of those software’s available to you got to CUE.

With the world constantly changing, the way people do business is also changing. There are many more ways to reach your target market these days than just newspaper/magazine and television advertisements. You can now advertise on a wide range of fronts from those previously stated to social media and email. To not fall behind your company needs to react and work with these technological advances to survive in today’s market. One way this can be done is through email marketing. Email marketing allows you to reconnect with your customers and reach out to new ones. Your customers could be notified about new products you are going to sell, great deals that you are offering, or what benefits you are providing. Being on social media also helps to reach your customers and you can also get great consumer feedback on your company from customers posting about your company. With these tools, you will be able to keep your existing customers in the loop and also reach potential customers.

The consumer marketplace is very much so online these days and in fact, it is much cheaper for businesses to sell products online rather than in a brick and mortar location. Therefore it is important to have an online presence. There are lots of businesses out there that offer website building services, however, some are better than others. With the more generic easy to use website builders, your website will look generic and boring, however more advanced website builders can create intricate and efficient sites, but it can be harder to navigate and create your website. At CUE we’ve found the best of both worlds, easy to use along with a great design that offers a unique look to your business. Check it out here.

Don’t succumb to the faults that destroy a new business, use the tools that are out there which can eliminate these problem areas. By doing this you are one step closer to setting your business up for success.