In this rapidly-evolving world of technology, we often hear people say, ‘I’m not technical!’ What does this mean, exactly? And how does your perception of being ‘technical’ or ‘non-technical’ affect the software and technology choices you make to set up and run your business?

While there are a plethora of business solutions from which to choose, it’s necessary to understand what you want to accomplish, and how to use the tools you’ve chosen to accomplish that task. This can be challenging. With any new software or technology, there’s a learning curve, and some require more time than others. And while you choose these tools to increase your efficiency and get the job done, you shouldn’t need to spend a lot of time learning the basics.

The efficient business owner or office manager knows how to accomplish the necessary tasks with the most efficient use of resources — time being the most valuable. The smart problem-solver knows where to look to find the right answers, and doesn’t waste a lot of time becoming an expert where expertise isn’t required. Being efficient means knowing what you need to know, and what is best left to others to manage.

CUE Concierge was developed with this in mind. At CUE, we understand that you need to focus on your business — not on spending hours researching every tool you use. Need help installing and setting up software? Getting started building your website? Understanding how to easily access your products and use them all together in the most efficient way? Or need something you don’t see in our solutions center? We want to hear from you.

Because we are experts with the products we offer, you don’t have to be. Our unique Concierge service allows you to rely on us to help you install, setup, and begin using your chosen solutions. This gives you access to a wide range of tools, without needing to invest a lot of time in research. The best thing? CUE Concierge is free — AND it can save you time and money. Let us help you get started with your solutions so that you can spend your time where it is most valuable — running your business.