Even though Santa only has one location, the North Pole, he still has a lot of customers all over the world, and lots to do in preparation for his biggest day of business. How does he do it?

Well, luckily Santa has software solutions to optimize his business. Even Santa has to complete payroll and file taxes.

As Christmas approaches, Santa needs to know that all of his workers are in the right place at the right time doing what they need to be doing: no reindeer games while you’re on the clock!

To make sure every job and errand runs smoothly, Santa can use FieldPulse to track new jobs and tasks. Santa quickly creates a new job and assigns it to the right elf. Notes, comments, and files such as pictures of what the toy should look like can be attached to these tasks, so no child is disappointed. Due dates and status fields can be completed to ensure everything is done on time. Plus, elves get notifications when they have a new task, so the working process moves smoothly!

Mrs. Claus also uses FieldPulse to send customized invoices, with her signature and logo, and estimates for the cookies she bakes for North Pole shops. She can track payments statuses in one place, and send out polite reminders for when she does not receive a payment. As Mrs. Claus bakes for the same shops, when she wants to send out an invoice she does not need to tediously take time to write up a new one: she can simply use FieldPulse’s invoice item repository to create invoice items she commonly uses. This feature automatically fills out spaces in her invoices including price, quantity, and sales tax.

With FieldPulse, Mrs. Claus can keep track of all her expenses, and both she and Santa can integrate their data into FreshBooks.

Best of all, FieldPulse has an all-in-one mobile app that is used by Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all of their elves and reindeer. FieldPulse grants Santa and Mrs. Claus the ability to apply user restrictions, so they have management oversight of schedules and tasks.

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