It’s impossible to manually manage your email marketing. As competition for online attention rises, the demand for perfectly customized content grows. To meet that demand, you need a marketing tool that can analyze your subscribers’ engagement trends and organize and support multiple different email campaigns.

Why does your business need an email marketing tool?

Even though email is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, it’s still one of the strongest. But your company has to be able to cut through everyone else’s marketing efforts. That means delivering highly personalized, highly relevant messages each time. An email marketing tool helps you organize every subscriber into a group that best fits their interests and buying patterns. It can also help you turn content into a customer-friendly, well-designed display.

Get Started with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that provides marketing features for multiple forms of communication between you and your customers. You can design, organize, and send from one platform.

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What are the benefits for small and medium-sized businesses?

When your business is just beginning to grow, you might not have the budget for a full-sized marketing department. Constant Contact is designed to give your company all of the marketing power of an enterprise company. The tool supports everything from contact aggregation to sending out your emails. All you need is content.

Create a stronger contact list.

Getting one of your visitors to join your mailing list is hard, but getting them to type in their name and email address is only half the battle. You also need a tool that can help you organize the data in one place and let you add more information as you learn about your subscribers. Constant Contact lets you import and upload lists from multiple sources. It also helps you organize contacts so you can add them to the right campaigns.

Create templates.

Pre-planning your emails is the best way forward. Every new subscriber should get a welcome email in their inbox right after they join your community. Constant Contact gives you easy-to-use templates for welcome emails and every email along their subscription path.

You can also customize the templates to fit your business and distinct product lines based on A/B tests and industry trends. Once you have a standard template, you can add new content again and again for painless email marketing.

Create campaigns.

Every email needs to be part of a larger message, and Constant Contact’s campaign creation tools can help. If you’re gearing up for a seasonal sale, a new class, or new releases, build up momentum with campaigns before the big day. Email marketing software helps you plan the campaign from start to finish and lets you schedule every release. Constant Contact is also an informational resource, not just an engine. Their tools will give you advice, suggestions, and links to helpful to-do lists along the way.

Review the campaign reports that measure the impact.

You need to know how many people are engaging with your emails. That means knowing who clicks on the hyperlinks and reads every email, not just who clicks on the subject line. Constant Contact’s statistics reports give you crucial feedback and insight into which email strategies are working. You can also find strategic trends like peak read time, common title words that get more engagement, and which geographic sections are reading which emails.

Constant Contact gives your small business all the power of a larger corporation’s marketing team. You can quickly design your emails, automate your deliveries, and analyze the results. Learn more about the features or start your 30-day free trial.

Other CUE Recommended Solutions:


AWeber is a great email marketing software that can organize your mailing lists and content. Turn to this software for trendy templates that you can use over and over again. AWeber also features a lot of analytics power, including reporting options in Google Analytics.


MailChimp is another powerhouse for your marketing department. You can use this platform to organize your mailing list and send welcome emails. It’s also a great hub for building future emails well in advance. With sending and tracking features like reminders and customer loyalty programs, it’s built for you to maintain long-lasting relationships.

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