Elves can download the app to their iPhone, Android, and even their tablets and iPads to set up their availability and trade shifts. Plus, they can clock-in online too!

New elf-hires can also complete their HR training and policy overviews online, ensuring that everyone is on the same page with company policy. Plus, Humanity Shiftplanning gives the elves and reindeer a centralized place to communicate questions and concerns to each other and upper management — how ELSE do you think Santa was able to find Rudolph so quickly to ask him to lead his sleigh that Christmas Eve?

Santa can create custom pay rates, and he can also track time-off and vacation for his team — with Humanity Shiftplanning, no elf (or reindeer!) will get scheduled while they’re on vacation! Real-time updates are provided during schedule creation so Santa can see where he is understaffed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis which is incredibly useful for the holiday season. Additionally, Humanity makes it easy to move around shifts with its drag-and-drop usability.

Al in all, Humanity gives Santa and other small business owners the ability to spend 80% less time on scheduling!

Is your business ready for easy scheduling software? 

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