Many small businesses don’t have the time nor abundance of resources to recruit new hires effectively and efficiently.

However, with these six strategies, you will be able to consolidate your recruitment strategy into one that is more productive and economical.

  1. Network at Events

At events such as expos and workshops, have your employees connect with potential future hires. The individuals attending these gatherings will already have an interest in your company’s sector and are more likely to be passionate about that line of work.

2. Get Help From your Employees

How do you portray your unique company culture?

One way you can do this is by using those who know it best: your employees.

You can have your workers write and post interesting information, fun facts, and personal accounts of what it’s like to work for your company on your social media accounts.

Your company name will be seen by not only your social media followers but also by the networks of your employees which will get your name out.

Referrals are some of the best ways to hire: your staff knows these candidates directly and can vouch for them.

You can even offer incentivization to your employees for referrals, in the form of bonuses or rewards if their referrals translate into a hire.

Who are the best performers in your business? Identify these people, and then find out if they were referred to your company — the person who recommended them has a good idea of who would thrive in your business, and you can ask them for more candidate suggestions.

3. Sell the Job Opening!

Many available job positions use boring qualification driven descriptions that give no insight of what a work day is like in the company.

This can lead to wasted time in hiring — candidates may find in the recruitment process that your company may not be the best fit for them and those who you do want to apply may not fully understand the benefits of your business.

To solve this problem, tell the reader why the job is a great opportunity: show off the great people that comprise your company, amazing projects that you have completed and are currently working on, and give them a peek into your office culture.

By using these additional pieces of information, individuals will apply to the job because it feels inviting and interesting rather than listing off qualifications and tasks that the employee would need to do which won’t make your company stand out.

4. Take Advantage of Universities

College students close to graduation will be submitting applications for jobs, and that means a new influx of promising workers.

How can you connect with this pool of candidates? Connect with a university’s career service center and let them know about your business. Workers at the college’s service center will be able to take the information you provide them and distribute that information to students and alumni of the university.

Job fairs are another great resource that university career centers have to offer. You can send out a reputable employee to go talk to individuals interested in your company’s field of work. This also gives you the chance to interview these job-seekers, and collect resumes!

5. Try Out Online Recruiting

Online recruiting tools will help you keep track of whom you are trying to recruit for your company.

Candidate information won’t have to be tediously tracked in an email thread, a notebook, or as a phone contact; with recruiting software, you won’t lose that potential hire’s information in addition to the benefit of keeping track of the candidate in the hiring process.

Features like candidate comparison, applicant tracking system, and job postings & syndication are available in Jazz HR: an online software built to make your recruitment effortless and streamlined.

6. Benefit from Local Community Workspaces

If you haven’t heard of shared workspaces, you will in the near future.

These sorts of environments lend out office space to multiple companies within the same building along with classes for students interested in pursuing short-term degrees.

There are many community workspaces that are available for all to join: our team hired students from a cohort that was held in Galvanize.

Galvanize is a start-up communal work environment with advanced learning programs in fields such as data science and Java programming. As our industry-focus here at CUE is technology, the Galvanize student populace provided us with perfect candidates who have proven to be fantastic and valuable assets to our team.

Hiring initiatives don’t have to come at a high cost in terms of time or money: with these simple approaches to refresh your recruitment process, you will get more candidates who will be better qualified for your job openings while creating a more cohesive staff.