When it comes to building your website, there are a lot of different options out there, and many decisions to make around functionality and price. Often times, especially for smaller businesses, a simple yet functional website will be ideal as they are usually affordable and easy to set up. Tools like Duda and WordPress are two great examples of website builders that fit these criteria, and we will compare them based on their functionality, usability, pricing, and offered support.

The Functionality of Duda and WordPress

When choosing a website builder, it is essential to consider the website builder functionality. You can usually tell how easy a site builder will be to use based on the design interface and the icons.

Duda provides 100+ templates within their website builder. The designs look wonderful and are organized into industry categories such as restaurants, portfolios, blogs, stores, etc. Duda allows you to switch between templates and not worry about losing any of the content you have entered. Duda provides a smooth, inline drag-and-drop editor which means there is no need to waste time or resources messing around with code. Duda vs WordPress

However, you can of course still get under the hood and dig into the HTML and CSS within Duda’s developer mode if you want. Customers of Duda have reported a massive decrease in time spent on web development, which has allowed them to focus more on project management and the many other operations of the company.

Regarding Widget Building, Duda widgets stand out due to their quantity and ease of use. Whether it’s a click to call, menu, coupon, business hours, etc.; Duda takes only a second to install one of these on the drag and drop interface. The Duda creators must have thought long and hard about what business websites actually need, and implemented its ease of access to site features based on these needs. The widget building feature can be found in some WordPress builders or templates, but it’s not as simple or common as you might think. These are usually prebuilt sections with no design requirements.

Duda versus WordPress

WordPress gives you access to thousands of different templates. This gives you a lot of options, which can be great for making your website look different Wordpress vs. Dudafrom others.  However, you have to find and pay for these templates which can get expensive. WordPress comes with a learning curve, and it may take you longer to learn how to use it compared to Duda. I’m not just talking about how to create a new page or blog post, but the other things that go into it like:

  • Caring for and maintaining a site on WordPress. 
  • If and when to update Plugins and Themes. 
  • Learning and using features within a Theme.

Learning curve aside, the most common issue with WordPress is that designing a site with it is tough. While there are page builders out there that make this easier, if you’re not a web designer, adding those little touches to a website is not going to be easy. If you do decide to go the route of using a page-builder, just know that these also come with a learning curve. So no matter what, you’ll have to learn a lot before you can design anything.

The functionality of a website builder is essential to the successful operation of the site. If a builder is poorly laid out or too hard to understand, your company’s website might not come out working the way it needs to. Because of this, we rank Duda as a more simplistic and easy to learn website builder.

Getting Customers to Find Your Website

Duda and WordPress both offer built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) options such as In-Page Meta-Data Editing, Customizable Page URLs, XML SiteMaps, Image Alt and Description Tags, 301 Redirects, and more.

Duda is fully equipped to boost your SEO. It can handle all of your on-site SEO needs Duda vs WordPress for Small Businessincluding page descriptions, alt tags, H1 tags, and everything else you could need. If you include SEO as part of your core marketing plan, then Duda will help you make sure each page is optimized.

WordPress has a useful array of options regarding SEO. Within the admin portal, you can adjust the visibility settings, and add permalinks that automatically use the article title as the URL contents. WordPress also allows you to download the SEO plugins. The settings within the admin portal are relatively easy to understand and will enable you to maximize your site’s SEO.

Why Mobile Responsiveness Is So Important Today?

2 of every 3 minutes of online browsing is done using a mobile device. Today, it is crucial that a company’s website be mobile-friendly if they want to keep up with the shifting world of business and accessibility. It also needs to look fantastic on tablets and any other screen size. Duda is extraordinary because not only is the design responsive, but it also lets you customize your website for each different device. Got a design feature on a desktop that doesn’t look great on mobile? You can easily hide it from mobile view! If you want to add extra buttons to your mobile site, but not on other devices, you can do that too with no coding required. You can do all of the same things with WordPress, but some level of technical experience is required.


Let’s Talk Costs

Duda vs WordPress Cost

WordPress is easily the cheaper option since it is a free platform. All that you have to worry about as a business owner is hosting your website, and there are many different hosting services to choose from. WordPress also offers personal, premium, and business plans that vary in the customization and storage space provided to the user.

Duda offers a tiered monthly pricing model; made up of Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans. These plans differ in support, accessibility, and managed services; yet they all feature the same website builder and site personalization.

The way we see it, you pay a small amount more for Duda to get a much better and efficient experience.

Getting the Help You Need With Your Website

Wordpress vs Duda Website Builder

Duda support offers Live Chat, phone, and email. Duda offers troubleshooting help and informational guides on their responsive website builder, a mobile website builder, account & billing, product training, a widget builder, and more.

Like anything tech related, WordPress is going to have its glitches. Something as simple as updating WordPress, or themes and plugins, can wipe an entire site or end in what we in the WordPress community call “The White Screen of Death.“ Since WordPress is free, you won’t find much support for fixing these issues except via the online forum. For real help, you’ll either need outstanding hosting support or to go in search of someone who can fix the problem for you, and those people are even harder to find if you don’t know where to look. It’s frustrating and has left many people with no choice but to start from scratch again. However, since WordPress is the largest website platform in the world, there are tons of YouTube videos, forums, blogs, tutorials, and guides.

So Which Website Builder Is the Best?

Small business owners don’t need just some standard blog format, but a fully functional, business-centric website that drives leads and revenue. WordPress has a ton of options that allow you to expand beyond its original capacity as a blog and create what you or your company needs. However, in some cases, WordPress does offer more than is necessary and requires additional work or skill to produce a simple website. WordPress can also be too restrictive and then demands more time to get it to function correctly. WordPress is not always the right tool for the job. For small business sites, it’s usually the wrong one. By switching smaller businesses with fewer needs to a website builder like Duda, not only can you save time and take a bigger profit, but be the proud designer and owner of your website! Duda is loaded with simplistic, versatile, and sleek designs alongside an easy to use the platform, and we are offering a 30 day free trial of the Pro version of Duda to see for yourselves. Now it’s up to your own due diligence in figuring out if you should hop on the Duda wagon or not.

Duda vs WordPress Features & Pricing

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