…and revitalizes small towns at the same time

This week, Deluxe is celebrating Small Business Week with a Facebook Live panel of experts both online and in person at their Deluxe Outpost in Wabash, In. The experts will answer your questions about all businesses challenges, but especially how to make the most of your digital marketing.

The inspiration for this week’s Outpost event is the online series ‘Main Street’, in which Deluxe picked 8 businesses from Wabash, IN that best represent the challenges and community spirit that all SMB’s face. CMO Amanda Brinkman, Robert Herjavec businessman and Shark Tank panelist, and the Deluxe marketing team strategically revamp and revitalize key local businesses in order to positively impact Wabash and the surrounding areas.

Each episode tackles a different business problems such as cash flow or implementing online marketing. For example, Schlemmer brother’s stove and metal work company has been a vital local employer for 100 years, but the business itself struggles to modernize and connect with customers. The Eclectic store supports local artists, but may have to close if they don’t figure out the correct margins for their products, while Filament Tattoo is stable is financially stable but, like 55% of SMB’s, doesn’t even have a website!

Deluxe invested $500,000 into the Wabash community, and works with each of the businesses to develop an individualized strategy to tackle their challenges. These are issues common to all businesses and so there is an abundance of relevant information in each episode. Also check out the Small Business Revolution blog that provides more stories of small businesses working with day-to-day challenges.

Stay tuned for Series 2 of Main Street, when Deluxe travels to Bristol Borough, PA to work their magic for eight businesses in this town. Plus there will be much more useful advice for your own business.