Your small business is the prime target for half of cyber attacks! It is imperative that every small business has software to protect the security of their computers and data.


Because even if you’re not Equifax, your business still stores vital client records and financial information that could be valuable to hackers.

What can I do about it?

Protect yourself! Consider backup and security software for your small business. CUE’s team of Experts has already done this research. Below we explain the features of two cloud software solutions. Carbonite and Webroot, designed for small businesses like yours.

First up… Carbonite


Carbonite is a cloud-based backup software solution, which means that your files and data are secured in Carbonite’s military-grade servers in case of a hack or data contamination.

Not to be confused with the ‘carbonite’ another business owner used to protect his assets

Data and file backup occur in the background during the day, as to not disturb your work. All of your backed-up files can be accessed directly through the internet, and you can restore them with one-click if your security got compromised. Carbonite even keeps your files and data in its system for one month which is helpful for if you accidentally delete a file!

For businesses in the medical, finance or other industries that have specific data protection rules, such as HIPAA, GLBA, and FERPA, finding software to protect customer and patient data can limit your options. Luckily, Carbonite’s security software is compliant with all of these privacy laws!

Carbonite is easy to install, and all activity can be monitored and managed in one simple dashboard. If you have any questions or issues, Carbonite offers their award-winning support seven days a week!

And then there is Webroot

Webroot provides business endpoint protection — it is different from Carbonite in that it detects problems with your hardware, software, and security. Carbonite is purely data backup.


With multiple people accessing your business network through different computers and devices, such as your employees, you are inevitably opening yourself up to more issues and attacks. You can coach your staff on how to ensure cybersecurity when they use the internet, like in our guide here, but you need the assurance that comes with having software working for your 24/7.

Webroot ensures protection, and has 100% efficacy over a 24-hour period with multi-vector protection across email, browsers, URL, files, ads, apps and more! You don’t need to worry about backing up data or updating Webroot because these functions are all done automatically.

Some software can take up a lot of space on your computer, but Webroot is lightweight, using less than 1MB to install and run.

One more thing!

If you are looking for a lot of file storage, Carbonite may be the best choice because they offer unlimited cloud data storage for all a user’s computers. Webroot has this function too, but their file storage is 25GB. But if you are seeking out an option to detect threats in real-time, Webroot may be the option for you.

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