During the holidays it is hard to keep track of everything. From family and friends to holiday parties and shopping, it can be an overwhelming time for everyone, let alone a small business. During the busy season, the hype of Black Friday & holiday sales is the icing on the holiday cookie. Here are a few ways that small businesses can market themselves and keep customers ‘shopping small’ during the holiday season madness.

Add some Holiday Cheer to your logo: Have a graphic designer take your logo and transform it into a holiday superstar, much unlike the new Starbucks holiday cups. The best part about it is you can use the logo next year as well. Think of it as a gift that keeps on giving. Read more about it here on Kabbage.com

Show your loyal customers some Holiday Spirit: Give your returning customers a special sale. Let them see new products before publicly releasing them, or maybe send them a holiday card. You can read more about this holiday marketing idea and more by going to this link: SBA Holiday Marketing

Collaborate with your small business network: Have your fellow small business owners slip your company’s flyer into their customer’s bags after purchase and offer to do the same for them! This will help spread the word about your business during the holiday season and show that you are dedicated to supporting your local community. Read more about this article here: SBA 22 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Have your customers work for you: Encourage your customers to refer a friend to your store by offering them a percentage off of their next purchase with you. This is a great way to get more traffic and also raise awareness for your business through word of mouth.

Offer free holiday treats: Put a platter of cookies out, candy canes, chocolates, coffee, or tea; whatever gets you in the holiday spirit. This will draw people into your store and keep them browsing around more as they enjoy their treat and your company. You can read more about this holiday marketing idea and many more ideas: SBA 33 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Keep warm by the fire while getting tons of business this season: You don’t have to leave your home to get the word out about your business, it is easily done through email marketing. Send festive emails to your customers and tell them about all the great deals you will be having this holiday season.

If you aren’t already set up with an email marketing tool, we’ll help you get set up with one! Head over to CUE to check out our email marketing tool and other essential business solutions!

Take these holiday season marketing ideas and run with them to have your most successful holiday season yet!

Happy Holidays from your friends at CUE!