CUE has the ability to help you combine your social media presence into one consolidated place. While there are simple dashboards involved in most social media platforms, there are some major benefits to combining these all together with Social Media Dashboards (SMDs).

CUE Social Media Dashboard

With CUE’s Social Media Dashboards you can integrate multiple systems and get an overall view of the following:

Marketing Overviews

CUE’s Social Media Dashboard provides you with a marketing overview page gives you an at-a-glance reading of both the levels of engagement you are getting as well as the performance over time of a given social media platform for your business.

This overview can be very helpful in meetings when you are trying to decide where to focus future your marketing efforts and where you might be able to cut down on social media engagement.

Google Analytics Integration

This Google Analytics integration allows you to notice all kinds of performance issues inside your website through the use of a user-friendly data driven interface. In turn, allowing you to track things like the exit rate of potential leads and the time that people spend on specific pages’ For instance, you can view the “traffic” of a given blog entry, can really inform how you move forward, not only with social media but with your entire website design.

With CUE’s Social Media Dashboard these Google Analytics tools are built in so that you can make sure your social marketing is driving actual purchases.

Track Website Statistics

Combining social media with your website’s statistics creates a powerful advantage: when you post on your social sites, you can note the time of post and see how your website traffic jumps, page by page. These two tools feed each other: social media drives your traffic, and website content helps you realize what people might want to see more of on your social platforms.

Overview of Different Social Media Platform Links

With this part of the CUE social media dashboard, you can side-by-side compare the results you are achieving on different sites. This makes A/B testing as well as cross-platform testing possible, allowing you to parse out just how much engagement you get for, say, a given advertising dollar on a given site. The comparative value allows you to boost ROI by zeroing in on the best sites for you.

YouTube Analytics
MailChimp Analytics

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