If you are in the retail or restaurant business, now is a great time to be involved because continued stability and moderate growth is predicted for this industry. Unfortunately, this promising growth does not guarantee success: in both retail and restaurants, one of the biggest challenges is bringing customers to your establishment and also driving repeat business.

If you’re looking for an economical option to build and maintain a relationship with your customers, email marketing is an easy addition to your marketing strategy.

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is advantageous for your small business because it lets you establish your brand, market to your target client-base with a personal touch, and can help you drive sales. Plus in a study by Marketing Sherpa, 60% of customers want to receive emails from you.

One great email marketing tool is Constant Contact. It is a highly-rated option that can be the email marketing tool to serve all of your business needs, from creating and nurturing email lists to creating brand loyalty. Here are a few features within Constant Contact that can help anyone, but in particular those within the retail and restaurant industries.

  1. Construct, Track, and Evolve Email Lists

Having trouble even getting your customer’s the email addresses?

Make it simpler for both of you! Constant Contact allows you to build custom email forms into your website and create easy-to-fill-out templates for tablets — people can even opt into receiving emails from you via text! For example, if you run a restaurant that texts customers when their table is ready, why not follow up with a personalized opt-in message.

You don’t have to worry about sending out welcome emails either, as Constant Contact will automatically send out a personalized email from your company so that customers have an optimal and warm experience from the get-go. Brand email campaigns are customizable with your logo, colors, and wording.

Constant Contact also lets you also create reports that include statistics on click-through rates and opens so that you can see what works and what doesn’t, both within the emails themselves and between your email campaigns.

2. Get Customers Excited with Special Events & Coupons

Got a new seasonal dish — perhaps you have a special four-course meal event? Or maybe you just got a new shipment of the season’s trendiest styles, and you want to have a private showing? Let your customers know!

You can create a unique event landing page through Constant Contact, and promote any event through email and your social media so that everyone is in-the-know. From there, you can track and manage who has RSVP’d and then afterward your attendees can leave reviews so you can see how much you customer enjoyed your event.

Do you want to promote a sale? Is it someone’s birthday? Or even directly reward a customer for their loyalty?

With Constant Contact, you can create coupons and share them on your social media accounts so that people will want to come and spend their money at your establishment — you can also ask for their email address for someone to be able to access the coupon and then add them to your mailing list! Constant Contact gives you the ability to see who claimed, redeemed, and even shared your coupon so that you can be aware of the success.

3. Marketing Your Business and Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is an important platform to promote your small business, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to log-into each one and juggle them all at once.

Share your email campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn all through Constant Contact and manage them all in one place. You can also schedule out your social media posts, all the while staying connected with your customers as you will also be able to see social media updates through this feature.

Want to promote your business through Facebook? Easy! You can also operate Facebook ads and promotions through your account, making Constant Contact the only place you need to go during the day to market yourself online.

These are just a few of the key ways in which Constant Contact’s email marketing tool can help you manage your business and nurture and expand your customer base. Still unsure? Luckily, Constant Contact offers you a 30-day free trial — try it out today!

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