How do you protect your customers and patients information?

As a small business, you want practical solutions, and ones that is also HIPAA compliant: oftentimes, it might seem as though these two options cannot be found together.

Carbonite is an ideal choice for your small business. It is a security solution that meets the standards for HIPAA. With Carbonite, you and your patients can be assured of information protection.

What makes Carbonite stand out from other security software?

1. Easy to Use, User-Friendly

Do you worry about a learning curve with your software? Or the amount of time it will take to implement it?

You can easily set up Carbonite’s software yourself (or you can let Carbonite do it for you!), but either way, you won’t need advanced technical help for installation.

Automation with something like security back-up is super helpful — and just what Carbonite provides. Carbonite automatically backs up your data, even while your office is closed, so you never have to fret about initiating saving your information. It also won’t slow down your computer and will run seamlessly in the background as your work.

2. HIPAA Compliant

You have more to care about than simply your own office’s files and data: you also have to make sure your patient files, insurance information, and medical records are also protected under the rules of HIPAA. Carbonite has taken special care to make sure that their solution is HIPAA compliant.

You can monitor logins and verify users, to make sure that only the people who are qualified are able to access aspects of your data.

Yes, Carbonite has a physical facility — so how do they make sure people on their end can’t see your office’s data? This security is assured by Carbonite’s stringent access requirements to both its server and its buildings. With state-of-the-art military-grade equipment, it is guaranteed that there are multiple security layers to ensure the protection of your data.

O.K., Carbonite can tell you all of the things they do to protect your medical practice, but what about real-life applications? To satisfy your curiosity, Carbonite has case studies on its site about actual medical offices it has helped secure and you can read about their experience using the software here and here.

Want to know more about how Carbonite has made itself adhere to HIPAA? Read more about it here.

3. Security

Carbonite is one of the top security solutions on the market, and a top solution for small businesses as it can adapt in size and what it offers to what you need so you’re not buying a ton of features you will never use.

You can select to have the hybrid cloud within Carbonite, which combines both backup for your data both on-site and off-site at their secure premises. This makes it so that if you need to access your files remotely, you can but you also have the assuredness that you’ll be able to regain all of your files in their original state.

If you accidentally delete a file, no stress: Carbonite stores all deleted files for up to one month, so you don’t have to worry about losing something important.

With custom backup policies that you can manage through a central dashboard, and the ability to add data storage increments to suit your practice’s needs, you will be able to feel safe without an unfathomable price tag.

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