Cyberattacks are everywhere and on the rise. It seems as though every other day, the news reports on another Ransomware attack that has ruined or infiltrated somebody’s files. 43% of cyberattacks are target small businesses.

Despite their abundance and advancing evolution — there are precautions you can take so that your small business does not become another of the casualties!

1. Make Sure Your Employees Know How to Protect your Company

  • Update your software as these patches are what fix holes in your system that can let cyberattackers through.
  • Have company security policies such as being aware of certain emails, links, creating strong passwords, and having a plan in case an attack was to occur.
  • Everyone at your company is constantly sending and receiving emails, and each person will receive at least one phishing email per day. Be wary of spelling mistakes, language that shows urgency, or links that don’t lead to the company’s domain.

2. Implement Security Solutions in Your Company

The software security industry is booming, and you have many options to choose to protect your business.

At CUE, we have researched what matters most for a small business in security solutions— to make this an easier decision for you, here are some key features you should consider in order to protect your devices:

  • Firewalls keep your small business safe online — Firewalls block unauthorized users from accessing your computer or network.
  • Have backup software! This is an emergency option if you lose your data due to an attack, or spill coffee all over your computer. With backup, you will easily be able to recover all of the files that you have stored in the cloud.
  • Encryption software will help protect sensitive data such as employee or customer information.

Two of the best solutions currently on the marketplace are Webroot and Carbonite.

Webroot is an endpoint protection that implements a firewall and tells you which sites are safe to access. Meanwhile, Carbonite is a backup software that will back up your data in real time for all the computers in your company.

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