CUE HQ recently moved from Galvanize collaborative work-space to a dedicated office located just up the street. Galvanize has been a great community and workspace for my short time with CUE. As a graduate of the Galvanize Full-Stack web development program, I was able to connect with the Galvanize community in an educational setting prior to joining CUE. Here are some of the benefits that I observed in a co-workspace ecosystem, which incorporates students and startups.

Galvanize is a hub for technology and entrepreneurial events in the Boulder area. The site hosts large groups like SheSaysBoulder, as well as smaller seminars on technologies like D3.js for data visualization. As a student, I made time to attend these events in order to network and learn more about projects in my community. I was also incentivized to attend by the offerings of free food and beer, which was hard to pass up as an unemployed student.

Kitchen Conversation:
Food makes for the best conversation starter. Galvanize provided the opportunity for businesses and students to engage via their communal kitchen.While at Galvanize I worked on a project that organized inventory for communal refrigerators. The Galvanize operations manager was our stakeholder and we conducted user testing with the Galvanize communal kitchen. This communal space gave me a reason to connect with companies in Galvanize and strike up conversations.

Presentation Feedback:
One of the benefits of attending a program like the 6-month full-stack web development program with Galvanize is the opportunity to present personal and group projects to a large audience. This audience often included start-ups that were affiliated with Galvanize as well as companies outside of the immediate community that were looking for new talent. I can honestly say that I found my job with CUE through the process of presenting my capstone project. Sharing a personal project can be scary and intimidating, but the Galvanize community was warm and receptive.

While CUE is no longer physically located in the Boulder Galvanize location, I’m sure there will continue to be a relationship between students at Galvanize and our team.