We’re new, so you’re probably asking yourself, ‘who is CUE’? Well, CUE is an online marketplace for small businesses to purchase and manage essential business software. But we’re not here to give you a boring elevator pitch; sure, we’re an online marketplace for small businesses, but we’re working to become so much more than that.

CUE is a trusted technology resource for small business.

Every day people come up with great business ideas, invent new gadgets or strike out on their own, but having a great idea is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to actually starting a business.

A modern business needs an identity, a name, a website, a place to build that website. It needs productivity software, accounting, payroll, and backups just to run day-to-day operations.

Only business owners understand how cumbersome it can be managing a back office when there is a business to run and profits to worry about. Countless hours (and $$$) are spent researching the right software, purchasing software, and keeping track of each product separately. Oftentimes, owners make costly purchase mistakes and end up paying for software they don’t even use.

CUE has the solution.

CUE disrupts the antiquated business software purchase process. We have a deep understanding of what businesses really need. How do we know? We’re business owners ourselves. Our team of experienced professionals have been running and growing business for over 20 years.

Additionally, we have spent countless hours researching top-tier business software in order to give expert recommendations. We’ve spoken to hundreds of business owners across dozens of verticals to find out their everyday pain points. We get it.

Keep an eye on our SOLUTIONS page to find out what we offer today, tomorrow, and beyond. We’re always updating our product set to make sure you have the best solutions available.

CUE saves you time.

Time is money. Our consumer-friendly marketplace assists business owners in understanding their software needs and provides a streamlined way to purchase and manage said products.

Our setup service eliminates the complicated setup and download process that comes along with purchasing new software. We provide any level of setup assistance that you require with CUE Concierge.*

The comprehensive CUE dashboard allows for easy management of products and expenses.* Quickly add and subtract employees to your customized product set. Tack on an email marketing tool when your customer base takes off. Don’t see what you need? Submit a request to suggest new products and services you want to see offered through CUE.

Keep track of everything in one place.

CUE is your partner in success.

We value growth. Today, we’re here to help you set up your technical base; tomorrow, our partnership possibilities are endless as we promise to grow with our customers. We’re future-facing, and in the future, we see an ever-growing set of products & professional services, industry-specific programs, and an immense network of small businesses looking to collaborate and grow together.

Like what you hear? CUE’s early adopter program is now available to the public, so head over to our Signup page and discover all the ways you can improve your business & productivity. Select your customized business package today and receive complimentary CUE Concierge services!

*Not all solutions can be purchased directly through CUE. CUE Concierge service only applies to products that are purchased directly through CUE. CUE Dashboard only includes products purchased directly purchased through CUE.