If you’re like us — and it’s likely you are — you went into business despite your lackluster feelings towards accounting. Unfortunately for all of us non-accountants, accurate accounting is a vital part of keeping a business afloat.

Many small businesses hold off on purchasing accounting software as a means of keeping costs low. Instead, they white-knuckle their way through with handwritten ledgers and complicated Excel spreadsheets — a dilemma we can all relate to. But as businesses adapt to the digital world, an automated accounting solution is becoming increasingly more important to keep an accurate record of your finances.

It’s time to save yourself a headache from manual bookkeeping. Switching to a robust automated option is sure to save time and money.

In the accounting software world, there is a lot of competition, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. The CUE marketplace has a variety of top-tier programs, and today we’re spotlighting our newest affiliate partner: Xero.

*CUE is an affiliate of Xero. This post contains sponsored links from Xero.

After dealing with small business accounting challenges of our own, here are the 3 features we love about Xero:

1) On-Demand Access

Xero’s cloud accounting platform makes it easy to run your business from anywhere. Access your account from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, whether you’re in the office or on-the-go.

Real-time cash flow views keep you in the loop with your financials. Daily updates from your bank accounts and credit cards give you the whole picture, always.

Did we mention there’s a mobile app? Access Xero while you’re on the go with great apps for both iOS and Android. You can reconcile your bank transactions, record your expenses on the go, and send invoices all via your smartphone! You can even give your employees mobile access to send invoices while they’re on the job so you can get paid faster.

2) Multiple Users

Let’s not kid ourselves — we’re not accountants, and you probably aren’t either. Trying to do everything on your own can lead to serious problems down the road if you don’t know what you’re doing.

While Xero has many great features like customized and interactive reports, budgets, and performance tracking, odds are you will still need to hire an accountant — especially during tax season.

Xero offers multi-user access for an unlimited number of users. You’ll have the ability to share all of your data with anyone, making it easy to collaborate online with your accountant to get the advice you need.

3) Endless integrations

Xero integrates with 500+ apps specifically designed to save you time. Notable integrations include Square, Stripe, and many other payment processors — giving you the ability to track all aspects of your finances in one place. Xero also integrates with various inventory software, CRMs, payroll systems, and countless more!

Xero was designed with small business owners in mind. It’s a great tool that lessens the burden of accounting and gives you access to all of your financials in one place.

Learn more about Xero and how it can help your business here. Purchase today and you’ll receive 30% off on your first 6 months with the code XERO30NOW.