There are so many things to keep track of every day and every month while running your business that time can slip by and we forget what really matters. Let’s take a moment to be thankful for all the things that make being a small business owner so great!

  1. Customers

When you have loyal customers, you know you’re doing something right: they are the product of you conducting good business and, in turn, they contribute to keeping your small business up and running.

2. Being Your Own Boss

No longer do you have to rely on someone else writing your paycheck, because you’re the boss of yourself now. You lead the way for your team, and you’re the one who sets your business culture and standards.

3. Your Stellar Team

Where would you be without your staff who help to make your business thrive? These are people whom you have chosen who are invested in growing your business because you are equally invested in their success.

4. Giving Back to Your Community

Small businesses give back to the community they serve by being a part of daily life and contributing to building something larger than themselves. Your community may be the people who live around you or people far away who access your business online. The people you hire and the profits you make don’t get distributed to some headquarters far away, but instead go back into growing your community.

5. Freedom & Flexibility

Sick kid at home? Long lunch to catch up with an old friend? Running a small business does give you the freedom and flexibility to be in charge of your own time, so that you can be in the most important place that day You create your own schedule, operate on your own time, and create your own rules!

6. Risks & Rewards

Opening a small business can be a risk, but often the rewards are much more valuable — and not just with regards to money. The power of being your own boss, interacting personally with your customers and community, and leading your own team can be very satisfying.

7. Having all the resources to help your business succeed

Big businesses and corporations are not the only ones who can afford software that can save them time and money: there are many software solutions out there that are scalable to the needs of a small business, which makes them more affordable. Check out some great options to help your business succeed here.

8. Doing What You Love

Most of all, you can be thankful that you are doing what you love the most: run your small business.

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