If you are a small business owner, take a moment to celebrate this week. This week-long celebration began in 1963 as a way to recognize and encourage the efforts of small business owners. At CUE, we understand that running a business is no small feat. Staying organized making sure your customers are happy are among the many critical parts of running a successful small business. So take a moment and celebrate your business.

Do you have plans for this week? Here are a few ways you can celebrate and jump-start your business!

Join a Networking Group. To build a strong, successful small business, you must work hard to cultivate valuable relationships with the local community. Visit BNI.com, your local SCORE chapter, the Chamber of Commerce, or MeetUp.com to explore opportunities within the small business community. Enquire what events they have planned for National Small Business Week and how you can get your small business involved.

Partner with another Small Business. Consider partnering with a small business that compliments your product or service to offer special deals or discounts. Offer to put a stack of business cards in your store in exchange for being able to put yours in theirs. Community building is a great way to instantly reach new audiences.

Utilize Social Media: Take your business to where your customers are. Invest in Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn ads. Test out different ads against each other to see how they perform. Create eye-catching signs and attractive promotions to get potential leads to stop in.

Try a New Software Tool. Time and effort are valuable when it comes to small business. A software can decrease the time you spend on back office tasks, so that you can focus on more important things. From marketing to scheduling, and more — there’s a software tool for everything!

Get an Office Makeover. A quick office makeover can make all the difference in you and your team’s productivity levels and happiness. It will help boost morale around the office, as it shows employees are valued and their needs are a priority.

Show Appreciation. Showing appreciation goes a long way with your small business employees. Bring in a special lunch, host a fun event, or hand out gift cards. Happy employees equal happy customers! Also, don’t forget to thank your die-hard customers. Send a “thank you” promotion to your loyal customers who have helped your business thrive. Not only do the promotions get people in the door, but they reinforce the emotional attachment that your customers have for the small businesses in their communities.

Small business owners need to stay on top of technology not only to sell more and grow, but to discover solutions that will save them time, effort, and money. We hope business owners across the country become involved this year. Check out the National Small Business Week website for events such as educational webinars, and more! Then come back and tell us all about it! We’re ready to celebrate. How about you?