The holiday season is on the horizon, so has your business thought out how it will succeed during this time? If not, or even if yes here are some things to think about and to cross off of your list to be prepared for this holiday season.

  1. Have Sales Goals

Do you know how much money you would like to make this holiday season?

Determining your sales goal number can be based on your business whether you function seasonally or year-round — whatever that might be, you still want to make sure it is a successful holiday season. You can do this by setting specific targets within the holiday season that your company should meet: this way, you can break up the tasks in more manageable periods of time and keep on track with your goals.

2. Make the Most of Your Marketing

How can you take advantage of times when people might purchase your products and services more?

For example, you can implement holiday-focused marketing campaigns into your marketing threads this holiday season: these festive marketing campaigns will let your target market know that you have what they need this holiday season and that they could get a good deal on your products/services.

3. Have a Plan for Extra Inventory

With everyone in the spending mood over the holidays, you will need to make sure that you have enough inventory to fill all of your customer requests. The last thing you want to do is have client demand for something you ran out of because you were not able to project your inventory needs — to combat this, have a plan ready for the inventory that you need for the products/services you plan on pushing in your marketing this holiday season.

4. Decorate Your Office and Store Front

Sprucing up your storefront peaks the interest of shoppers and can change the feel of the store by making it more appealing. At first glance, this might sound like an expensive expenditure; however, you don’t have to blow your budget to give your business some embellishment! For example, rather than buying all the decorations new, maybe it’s time to break out the hot glue gun — you could add a personal touch and do some fun DIY projects. Or you can purchase some ornamentations from the dollar store, which can offer you some interesting decorations for very cheap. The key here is that you don’t have to give your whole store a complete makeover in order to project the holiday spirit!

5. Have Your Employees Prepared

Is your team ready to take on the holiday influx?

To help prepare your staff, make sure they are familiar with the products that you are promoting and any holiday specials that you are running so that you are all on the same page. Your team also needs to be large enough to control the holiday rush so you may need to bring on more employees such as temp workers or seasonal workers to assist you in that busy time. Overall, be sure that your workers are well trained or to give them refresher courses — this is so that you can have a team support plan and control for mistakes that could, at worse, ruin a customer’s experience.

6. Software for the Holiday Season

Preparing for the holiday season can feel like an overwhelming ordeal. Before you start to worry, there is good news: software can assist you to help compose your plan! Software can save you much needed time before and during the holidays by taking care of everyday tasks, giving you less to worry about. CUE has many types of software researched and curated specifically with your small business in mind — take a look at our marketplace, and let us help you!

This article drew from this helpful post about how to have a successful holiday season over at ondeck. CUE understands that running a small business takes time. Visit CUE’s marketplace of curated software solutions to find tools that will save you time when running your business. Everybody needs more time during the holiday season.