As an agile-based company, we are always looking for ways to save time and optimize processes. When we aren’t organizing our stationary into neat rows, we are helping small businesses find, purchase, and manage software. We spend A LOT of time reading about software. Here are some of the tools we use at CUE to help us stay on track and get things done more quickly and efficiently.

Collaborate more effectively with Trello

An example of a trello board

Trello is a great tool that allows you to manage different project tasks with labeled lists and moveable tiles. You can customize it for any project, or display your weekly work schedule, even plan a big move. These are some of the ways our company has been using Trello. Plus, it is a great tool for project collaboration: our team members can comment on every step of the process as well as categorize tasks by color.

Be more reachable with Calendly

Calendly is an online appointment scheduler that allows customers to set up appointments with your company. Useful across many industries, Calendly integrates well with most email providers. At CUE we use Calendly to assist us in our Free Consultation calls: our clients go to our website and click on create an appointment with one of our specialists and then we get the update in our calendar with all of their information. It is easy to integrate Calendly into your website and customize with available timeslots and time zones. See how it integrates here.

Ditch your email for Slack

Slack integrating with Trello!

Slack is a platform used for team communication: you can message individuals directly or use different themed channels to discuss specific topics. What makes Slack different is that it isn’t limited to just chat, it has call and conference functionality as well. There are many software integrations with Slack, making it a universal hub for all your business needs. The biggest benefit we notice is that our inboxes are no longer cluttered with a million short emails!

Get ready for tax season with

Quickbooks is a great accounting tool and has a variety of software integrations. With QuickBooks, you can keep track of all your company’s expenses, revenue, and profit, amongst other things. Your company can send invoices, accept payments, run reports on your books, pay employees, track sales and the tax associated with them, and much more. We use QuickBooks here at CUE because it allows us to easily keep track of our business expenses online and disperse payment for our employees. Right now CUE is offering 50% off 12 months of QuickBooks Online.

Communicate better with Uber Conference

Rick Astley courtesy of Vevo

A company conference line makes it easy to communicate with team members who are not in the office and to talk to potential clients, partners, and consultants. Everyone dials the same number and waits until all participating parties are on the call. You can personalize the conference line by adding specific hold tones. We have chosen Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which is one of our company’s favorite songs.

Move documents to the cloud with OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive allows you to share files and documents between you and your team members, customers and consultants. With OneDrive you have the Microsoft Suite available online, and you can use their software within your browser; you can also download your files and work on them through the Microsoft products on your desktop. Collaboration is easy with OneDrive, as multiple users can edit the same document at once and leave comments. You can also build a library of all your company’s files, so any member of your team can access the files and documents that they need — anytime and anywhere.

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