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The word ‘productivity’ has always been synonymous to ‘time.’ Having previously owned Nom Nom Truck, a food truck that was up and running across multiple cities in California, 7 days a week, I have been well-assimilated to these two words. And in the process of running my own business, I developed infallible productivity hacks that have allowed me to optimize every second of my time as an entrepreneur. So, I thought I’d share with you five tricks-of-the-trade that will surely keep you, on top of your daily work schedules, and optimize your time to the maximum.

1. Get Focused

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Need to get focused? No problem. Currently, I use Tomato Timer’s free Pomodoro Timer to keep me on track with my schedule. The timer gives you a 25-minute timeframe for you to finish a task — don’t worry, breaks are an option. Following the time subsequently lets you develop a habit of working within that given duration. This habit of timing myself, a game-changer in my list of productivity hacks, while working on my computer, has allowed me to do more while maintaining a work-life balance.

2. Take advantage of technology to automate tasks

Zapier, at $25/month, is, in my opinion, the best way to exploit technology’s gifts to mankind. It syncs with thousands of different software platforms, allowing you to automate and connect multiple apps at a time.

When running a business, you also can’t expect yourself to produce quality work when you have several tasks at hand. This includes delegating some of those duties to people who can do the task even better than you. Upwork has a pool of skilled individuals willing to aid you in growing your business.

3. Know when to say ‘No’

Back when Nom Nom Truck was still operational, we got a lot of press and event opportunities. But amidst the abundance of offers, we said ‘no’ to 50% of them. We declined these offers because they just didn’t make sense for the business. So, you can’t say ‘yes’ to everything, and you need to keep focused. Think: less is more.

4. Focus on Marketing as much as possible

People will only find your business if you have a way for them to find your business. So, by taking hints from Google and Yelp reviews, I created a free tool, the fourth in my list of productivity hacks, Praiseworthy Reviews, that allows business owners to get more Google reviews for their product or service. You can rely on word-of-mouth, or you can speed up the marketing process by digitally reaching your audience. So which do you prefer?

5. Be happy

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Lastly, make sure that through all of this work, you find love in what you’re doing. Since the majority of your time is spent running your business, it’s important that you enjoy your work.

About the author: Misa Chien is the previous co-founder of Nom Nom Truck, a food truck based in California. She now co-founded a customer service blog for small businesses, Praiseworthy, where small businesses can receive free resources such as discovering how to get google reviews and exploring the top survey tools that are best for their business.

About CUE: CUE is an all-in-one platform that takes the stress out of researching, purchasing and managing software so business owners can focus what matters most. Our marketplace features product details, pricing information, comparison tools, and Expert reviews, all presented in simple terms. Discover the best products and services to grow your business.

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