It is important to not only keep yourself on top of what is happening in your industry but also to stay updated on how to think about business in general. Here at CUE, we are always looking around for thought leaders who inspire us. We’ve taken inspiration from BigTime Small Business, who has some great recommendations of books you should be reading to stay on top of your game.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

Why is this book a good read? The author is an internationally respected authority on leadership and describes how success is a combination of personal and professional effectiveness. This book is a manual for performing better in both areas. He draws examples from family and business challenges. One important point that will help your business is: begin with an end in mind, so you can visualize the outcome without getting distracted.

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki

How will this book help your business? The book explores the myth that you have to earn a high income to be rich. It is an incredibly popular personal finance book that tells the story of the author’s father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad). A big takeaway is to divide your money into three categories: savings, investing and tithing. This book contains great personal finance suggestions to think about when you are paying yourself.

3. Raving Fans, Ken Blanchard

How will this book improve your customer service? If you want to succeed in business, just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough. The best way to succeed is to create raving fans. This book breaks customer service and operations into simple, actionable steps. A different way of thinking about customer service, how important it is, and how you can create advocates for your business

4. Who Moved My Cheese?, Spencer Johnson M.D.

How will this book change the way you think? Change makes everyone nervous and uncomfortable. However, Johnson teaches us how to effectively deal with change, by using four characters that live in a maze. In fact, change can be a positive catalyst, depending on how you look at it. And if the cheese runs out, you have to be ready to go looking for more.

5. 4-Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferriss

Why should you read this book? Whether your dream is to make more money, escape the rat race, or just live more and work less, this book is a blueprint for how to do it. Examples of things include ways to eliminate busy work or to take mini-retirements rather than one long retirement. While working just 4 hours a week may not be 100% applicable to your industry, some ideas may help you think about work/ life balance that will broaden the way you think about work.

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