We often read stories about the habits of successful entrepreneurs of huge empires such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg — but what of the stories of the successful entrepreneur on your doorstep running a thriving local business?

Successful small businesses succeed on their terms. Building a small business, growing it and juggling so many responsibilities can seem like an insuperable task, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of what you’re trying to accomplish.

When you compare the owners behind successful small businesses, a handful of traits rise to the top. In this blog, we will be listing some of those traits.

Trait #1 — Be Open to Learning New Things

By far, the most common trait of successful entrepreneurs is curiosity and hunger to learn new things. Successful business owners are often aware of what they know, and what they don’t know.

They read, take classes, attend seminars, and spend time with other lifelong learners to compare notes and turn raw information into action plans. Finding time to sit and read is tough for small business owners; however, you can listen to audiobooks or podcast during your commute, your exercise session, running errands, or any other activity that uses your body but not your mind, feeding yourself with the information you’ll find useful. It costs you no extra time from your day but pays off in huge dividends.

Trait #2 — Set Goals, Make a Plan and Vision

No business succeeds by copying others. Your business can’t succeed if it doesn’t have a clear plan for what it wants to achieve and how it expects to accomplish it, either. Before you’ve made your first sale, you should be thinking about the sales you want to make one, two or even five years in the future.

The clearer you can identify your goals and purpose as a business, the more likely you, your team, and your company is to live up to its performance potential. Effectively planning your time and establishing routines helps to minimize distractions and create a discipline for both yourself and your employees — tasks move forward efficiently and enable everyone to get a clear view of their objectives and responsibilities.

Without a roadmap to establish what the day, week or month ahead looks like for you and your business it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose focus on what you want to accomplish. In fact, Harvard Research has shown that when an individual sets measurable goals for themselves, they are more likely to be achieved. So, set your goals and make a plan to review the goals and push your business towards success consistently!

Trait #3 — Humility/Being Humble

Many small business owners may be self-reliant, but the most successful are also able to admit when they are wrong, give credit where credit is due, and also accept constructive criticism. They can keep their feet on the ground during even the most satisfying achievement, and never forget where they started.

Trait #4 — Do Not Hesitate to Ask for Help

The trait which is most required while starting a business is to be able to accept the failure and accept help from others. Kill your ego and learn lessons from the competitors: great business people know when to ask for help. It takes time to build a stable and thriving business, and owners prosper with a diverse, appreciated workforce aligned with company’s culture.

Some business owners are quiet and cautious, preferring to be more conservative, while others are more affable risk-takers and experimental. Conclusively, all small business owners share some common traits that enable them to get the job done and push forward.

None of these traits will make up for a bad business idea, or even bad luck. You need a huge number of things to line up to launch and maintain a successful business. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control all of them. The one thing you can control is the software utilized for your small business.

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