It’s worth noting that many small businesses don’t realize how much of their business is done in the cloud: for example, if you check your bank balance online, you’re using cloud technology. The software you might use such as Dropbox, online backup or accounting services all fall under the umbrella of cloud computing.

Here are four reasons you should migrate to the cloud now:

Lower costs

One of the benefits of moving the everyday business to the cloud is that it can provide small businesses with significant savings. Cloud services are easier and cheaper to use than their traditional hard-wired enterprise counterparts — businesses are now able to do more with less by maximizing the power of the internet. Savings can come in the form of less expensive equipment (and in turn less installation and maintenance costs), lower power usage, and easier upgrades.

Better collaboration

Collaboration is made easy in the cloud. Small businesses cannot afford to lose work time, even when workers can’t do a day of work. Cloud collaboration tools, such as One Drive, allow users to upload, edit and comment on documents, which makes for better workplace collaboration. With the right permission settings, multiple employees can access the same files as they are all stored in one place.

Increased flexibility

Another advantage the cloud provides for small businesses is the ability to access files, data and other information wherever they are, anytime, using any device. This way, managers, employees and other members of the small organization can continue working even when they are away from the office. Going mobile is certainly one of the current trends in business, and it is something that is bound to continue long into the future. You can update your QuickBooks account sitting at home, or at work, or even when you are traveling for conferences!

Greater integration

Utilizing cloud service allows you to integrate the back-office operations better than ever before. With the ability for several people to utilize one central system and access, all data allows for a seamless transition in the way that business is conducted.

CUE drew inspiration from Entrepreneur blog. The cloud is redefining the way small business does business. According to Intuit report, the usage of cloud computing in for small businesses will double to 80 percent by 2020.

Cloud computing has brought together a revolution in the world of business. CUE offers multiple cloud-based products tailored for the small businesses. Check out what we have, and start to ease your workload today.