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As a small business, you want to grow your reach, but you don’t want to sacrifice productivity and your relationship with current customers.

With 7 out of 10 Americans reporting that they would spend more with companies who provide better customer service, you have good reason to want to tap into that prospective pool.

But, wait: if 59% of people would switch brands for a better customer experience, then why are 79% of sales never converted into leads?

This problem is multi-faceted, but part of the reason can be the inability to gather data on prospects you would like to reach and inefficiency in your sales team workflow.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a product that can address these issues for you so that you stay on top of your tasks.

Multiple CRM solutions are available online, and each comes with their own benefits — choosing one can seem mind-boggling. However, our team here at CUE is here today to tell you about one that we have curated for you after our pervasive research: Zoho CRM.

A top choice in its category, Zoho CRM’s bounty of features will doubtlessly improve your inner and outer work processes as to cultivate your business. Zoho CRM has a lot to offer you, so here are a few key features we at CUE feel are important to help transform your business:

  1. Support Your Customers Across Multiple Channels

Why is it important to provide multi-channel customer support?

If you’re asking this question, check out this fact: businesses that have strong omnichannel strategies retain 89% of their customers — this is opposed to 33% of customers conserved when a business does not.

Zoho CRM gives you all of the customer support channels you need, along with integrating all of them together.

You have the traditional mediums for your clients to contact you such as via email and telephone, both of which are accessible within the CRM. In Zoho CRM, these conventional channels are transformed to provide beyond their base functions to you allow you to perform actions like:

  • View click-through rates, and create reports that analyze the health of your email campaigns.
  • Allow sales managers to see communication between their team members and clients.
  • Create a “best time to contact” to track when your clients are most likely to respond to your emails and phone calls, and then establish alerts for when it’s time to reach out
  • Log calls with notes and then create and assign tasks to your team members.
  • Call clients with one-click

Social media is another means for you to maintain your interactions with your client-base — Zoho CRM makes it easy for you to be available to connect with customers and sales leads on these platforms through the Zoho CRM Social Media dashboard. You can do things like hone in on specific sales leads, prioritize chats, and track how your business is discussed online.

A special Zoho CRM feature that we’d like to touch on is SalesSignal.

SalesSignal displays customer data in real-time — — it will let you know when a customer opened an email from you, and keeps your interactions with customers all in an organized timeline.

Third-party apps such as MailChimp, ZenDesk, and DocuSign integrate with SalesSignal so you get live-notifications when actions are taken in them.

Plus, Zoho CRM is available on mobile so you can easily access customer information and notes as you are on the go to meet with them in person!

2. Automate Your Workflows, Save Time!

As your business grows you want to ensure that your team is on the same page for workflow processes, that these processes work, and also that no sales prospects get lost in the pipeline. Zoho CRM has already simplified this process for you, with features like BluePrint and Zia.

BluePrint is a visual representation of your sales workflow, and a way for your team to all follow the same methods.

This sleek diagram is user-friendly, and is able to be drawn out and edited effortlessly — BluePrint’s ease of design also provides an attractive template for new hires to learn from when they integrate into your sales processes.

The future is artificial intelligence, which is why Zoho CRM has Zia: Zia is like Siri, but for your business. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) learns trends in your sales process and it makes your workflows more efficient and detects any errors before anything occurs.

When you perform a repetitive task, Zia will notice and suggest and create a shortcut to performing this task in order to streamline your work without going through all of the steps to automate it yourself. For your customers, Zia will make sure that no voicemails and emails go unread and un-replied by notifying you, thus making sure no one of your customers fall through the cracks.

3. A Dashboard Tailored to Your Business

Zoho CRM gives you the opportunity to become more productive in your sales processes, but you also don’t want something complicated that will be just another thing you have to learn.

However, Zoho CRM is not a standalone solution: it integrates with over 70 different applications. You can even reap the benefits of extensions from Zoho’s marketplace and Google Apps such as Xero, Google Analytics, and DropBox.

Need an application specific to your industry? If you cannot find one that fits your needs from the 15 standard modules offered by Zoho CRM, you can create your own modules and organize them into groups.

Page layouts within Zoho CRM are able to also be personalized to create layouts for every sales process you have so that your sales team can access the data that they need as well as let your workflows be independent of each other.

Zoho CRM is straightforward: all of your information and data organized into one simple place.

— — — — — —

With plans starting at $12, Zoho CRM will be well worth your investment!