As a local business, it’s becoming more complicated to market your business to the right customers. With national competitors that are larger than life, how do you stand out from the crowd when it matters most? As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. You know how important it is to market your business online, but how do you balance this on top of everything else you have to do?

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be complicated to market your business online. According to GoDaddy, 6 in 10 small businesses have yet to establish their own online presence. This is a step that’s included in the best guides on how to start a business. If you’re ready to revamp your online marketing to make an impact in your local community, read through these 3 strategies.

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1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Your first step, as we said above, should simply be to create a website. Why do you need a website if you’re active on social media and other commonly used platforms? It’s simple. Your users are out there searching for information. You want this information to be readily available and easy to find, even on mobile devices.

Consumers frequently look for business hours, pricing, contact information, and more information about your business on your website. If your website isn’t easy to read or if it’s not build for mobile devices, you’re missing out on customers who might be searching. You need to invest in good design that focuses on the user experience.

2. Use SEO Basics

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is commonly overlooked by small businesses. If you’re based localled, why would you need to focus on search engines? In reality, your users are always searching for things in their local area. If you’re not at the top of their search, your business might be easy to overlook.

Getting started with SEO is easier than you think, especially as a local business. Essentially, you’ll build a presence online, use keywords related to your industry and your location, and you’ll promote your content in a way that encourages higher search engine rankings. Here are some ideas for getting started with SEO as a local business:

  • Use targeted keywords that focus on your location (for example: “Orlando Coffee Shop” instead of just “Coffee Shop”)
  • Publish unique content on local publications and blogs that include a link back with your keywords and business name
  • Use these same keywords on your social media pages
  • Promote online content like videos, photos, and written articles to encourage links back

If you don’t have time for these steps above, consider recruiting an SEO agency to help you out. SEO is no longer optional, so the most you can focus on, the better.

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3. Leverage Social Media Advertising

Finally, don’t forget about the power of social media. There are three main types of social media advertising that are relevant to local businesses: content promotion, paid advertising, and influencer advertising. A good balance of all three is essential if you want to show your local community you mean business.

Start by justing being present online. Promote your own content, your specials, discounts, and other local businesses. You want to show that you’re an active member of the community. Next, consider paid promotions in which you promote your content or specials with an advertising feature on Facebook, Instagram, or beyond.

Finally, you might leverage local influencers to get the word out about your business. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Start by finding local influencers, bloggers, and publishers who have a handle on your niche. Invite them to press events or negotiate a promotion for a small fee or free product. Many local influencers are excited to help small businesses, so this is a great partnership.

Get Noticed Locally

You’ve likely realized that getting your name out there on a local scale isn’t as easy as it used to be. We live in a digital world, and you need a digital strategy if you want to succeed. These strategies above are inexpensive, easy to handle, and flexible.

Are you ready to gain more customers? Don’t be afriad to push your online marketing further. It’s possible to be both active in-person and online. What are you waiting for?